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Uk mattress is a e commerce website which sells luxury mattresses throughout the Uk. We tend to work with every mattress from pocket springs to orthopaedic and many more. We are a independent company which hand crafts only the superior Mattresses in the heart of West Yorkshire. Our unique style is unique by looks , comfort and standards. Every mattress made in our factory gets tailor made for your needs. Liked what you’ve seen on our website, but still have any queries about it?  Then don’t hesitate and contact our sales team on [email protected] and one of our dedicated sales managers will look into it right Away.


Customer satisfaction for UK Mattress plays a major part within the company and has always been the highlight for any customer dealing with us. We will assure 100% satisfaction with each order made and will in no doubt treat every customer equally with politeness and professionalism and have them feeling satisfied without any worries at all.